NARA EC 52nd Meeting Announced the 29th General Meeting & Election on Friday, September 1st, 2017(2074/05/16).     *** NARA First Rescue Team is in Operation at Tarai Region to Rescue for Flood Victims since the couple of days***                       |
Todays : Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Board Members

Nepal Association of Rafting Agents
Executive Committee


Chandra Bahadur Dahal

Company: Eco Nepal Adventure (P). Ltd.
Phone No: 4266464 or cell: 9851037581

Nani Kaji Thapa
(I.P. President)

Company: Asian Adventure Centure (P).Ltd
Phone No: 4700116 or cell 9851075688

Keshav Prasad Kafle

Company: Adventure Rafting Nepal Pvt. Ltd
Phone No: 4422609

Shekhar Bahadur Thapa
(General Secretary)

Company: Nepal Rafting Center Pvt. Ltd.
Phone No: 4250500 or cell 9813670109

Shiva Adhikari

Company: Adrift Adventure Nepal (P).Ltd
Phone No: Cell: 977 9851004814, Phone: 4255715 / , Website: /

Jagat Bahadur Dahal

Company: Lost Paddle Adventure (P). Ltd.
Phone No: 4212359

Kamal Thakuri
(Joint -Treasurer)

Company: Adventure River Trails Pvt. Ltd.
Phone No: 9804230201

Rita Adhikari
(Executive Member)

Company: Super Holidays PVT.LTD.
Phone No: 4421560

Vishma Raj Thapaliya
(Executive Member)

Company: Core Adventure Nepal
Phone No: 9849086833, 9851197557

Uddhab Kadel
(Executive Member)

Company: Riverside Tented Village P. Ltd
Phone No: 010 692829

Nim Bdr. Magar
(Nara Western Region Co-ordinator)

Company: Paddle Nepal
Phone No: 977 61 465730

News & Events

NARA Rescue Team in Operation to Tarai Region


NARA EC 53rd Emergency Meeting form the five members "Flood Victim Rescue and Help Committee" 1. Mr. Surya Joshi-Coordinator 2. Ganga P. Nepal-Member 3. Bhisma Raj Thapalia-Member 4. Shekhar Bdr. Thapa-Member 5. Nim Bdr. Magar-Member on Aug. 13, 2017. Rescues Team of NARA have been working to Tarai areas since the couple of days with rafting gears to rescue the flood victims in a joint co-ordination of Armed Police Force of Nepal. In NARA history, organization has been playing a vital role in rescue mission whenever nation faced natural disaster and human catastrophic of flood.


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Nepal Team Succeeded to Score 1st and 2nd position


Nepal Team welcomes at the Tribhuban International Airport who has scored first and second position in the "Nepal-China International Match-2017" was held on 16-19, June, 2017 at Lhasa.  In Kayak Mr. Disesh Yadav hold the first record and in Rafting Mr. Nim Bahadur Thapa Magar, Mr. Ramji Shedhai, Mr. Dhiraj B.C and Sunil Gurungs\' team hold the second record at the approximately 3800 Meter high altitude runner river match side in Tibet. NARA President Mr. Chandra Bahadur Dahal and Secretary Mr. Shiva Adhikari was represented as the official of the team. At the welcome program at NARA secretary, Paknajol, all the five winner team announced to contribute rupees one hundred thousand (NRs. 1,00,000) for the rafting athletes who is participating to "World Rafting Championship-2017" in Japan from their prize. 


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29th Annual Rafting Festival-2017 Kicks Off


Chief guest Secretary of MoCTCA  Mr. Shankar Adhikari inaugurated the  " 29th Annual Rafting Festival-2017" to take the part in the rafting expedition program after the 30 minutes safety drill briefing from Joint Treasurer  Mr. Kamal Bdr. Thakuri  with the domestic tourists organized by Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (NARA) and supported by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) headed  from Belkhu to Malekhu at Truisuli River on May 27. In took four hours to clear the 25km far river distance to reach the Malekhu Resort.  


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Tourism Promotional Visit to Beijing



President of Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (NARA) Mr. Chandra P. Dahal representing to participate in the program "Nepal Tourism Promotion Program 2017" is going to held at Beijing on 21st April 2017.  Read More

Bhote Koshi River Clean-Up Campaign Kicks Off


Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (NARA) kicks of the "Bhote Koshi River Clean–Up Campaign 2017" at  Khadichaur suspension bridge area and ends to Sukute Beach on April 3rd and 4th 2017 (Chaitra 22 and 23, 2073), Sundhupalchk.

 NARA president Chandra P. Dahal exposed his visions with the slogan of " Save our Rivers as Heritage Rivers", "Save the Rivers for Tourism", "Save the Rivers for White Water Rafting" and "Keep our Rivers always Clean"  in a  clean-up campaign. Our minimum effort can be change so effectively that can be save the rivers for the tourist, ecology, human settlement, white water rafting and livelihood.

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River Guide Training Notice


Nepal Association of Rafting Agncies (NAR) is organising Rafting Guide Training for inservice river guides in a association with NATHM like past years. Training will start from 9 January 2017 for 12 days. All members are requested to register their interested river guides at  at NARA secretariate, candidate must be enroll before 5 January 2017. 
Enrolment Procidure
• Registration Starting: 29th December, 2016 (10:00am to 3:00pm).
• Registration Closing: 05th January, 2017, Late 4:00 pm.
• Training Start: 09thJanuary, 2017. 
Supported Documents 
• Three copy pp size photos 
• Photo Copy of Educational Certificates 
• Citizenship Photocopy
• Company recommendation letter  (2-5 years river experiences)
• Original Bank Deposit Voucher Rs. 11,000
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