Annual Rafting Festival 2014 in Trishuli River, Date: 24th May, 2014, Call us +977 1 4221197 and 4244048 (10 AM – 5:30 PM), Email:, |
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Welcome to Nara

Welcome to NARA Nepal Association of Rafting Agents was registered (Government Recognized) on 26th December 1989. NARA is an association of all the rafting outfitters of Nepal and is the only one Association where we get all kinds of information about rafting trip in Nepal such as. Rafting information of Nepal, Rafting equipment and the rafting agencies of Nepal.

The main purpose of our association (NARA) is to introduce and promote Nepal’s rafting (River sports) in national and international sector. We trained people and create job to help unemployment problem. We promote and advertise rafting in international sector and bring more tourists to help earn more foreign currency and revenue to the Government.

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News & Events

Annual Rafting Festival 2014

News Annual Rafting Festival 2014 with Nara.
Starting Date: 24th May, 2014
Ending Date: 24th may 2014
Rafting River: Trishuli
Starting Point: Belkhu
Ending Point: Malekhu
Approx. Participants: 600 to 700
Fee: NRS. 2000 per person Read More

Fagu Rafting Festival 2014


Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (NARA) announce and celebrate Fagu Rafting Festival with slogan “Lets celebrate Fagu festival with rafting and colors” at Trishuli river and Bhotekoshi River on the date 16th March 2014.
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Rafting & Kayaking in Nepal
Rafting & Kayaking in Nepal

Rafting, Kayaking, Cannoning The fact that you want to raft down Nepal's challenging rivers means that you have long ago graduated from the nursery school of "Row, row, row your boat". The many 'raftable' rivers in Nepal meander between canyons, villages, and virgin forests, wildlife, like needle through thread, weaving the country's rich tapestry of ethno-culture and bio-diversity. Originating in the bowels of the Himalayas, these rivers flow across the length and breadth of Nepal and neighboring India, before emptying mostly into the Bay of Bengal.

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